Snow Day Synthesizers

Here is cool song that sounded fitting to me after having been stuck in the snow for so long.  Grab a cup of tea and listen to this track. And of course, stay warm!



Nothing in Life That I Can’t Achieve

One of the Dubstep artists whose tracks I’ve consistently been impressed with is Bassnectar. A very apt name for this type of music. This song has a constant distorted bass sound that can feel like its wearing you down. In a good way. But it does give you a break or two throughout.

Sometimes I think Dubstep tracks have a “droning” problem and have too little tension and release. With Soundcloud tracks you can actually see what I’m talking about. A waveform that looks like just one big block of sound makes for an uninteresting song, in my opinion. Now, I realize this is dance and club music, but I think a good song needs to go somewhere and I also think this can be done in any genre of music. That is, if the goal is to make a song in the first place. (Ambient music is ambient on purpose).

If you don’t know what I mean, just listen for the rises and falls in this cool Bassnectar track:

Also, check out this cool remix of the same track. It’s destined to blow somebody’s speakers or wake up neighbors as it blares from cars with nice bass rigs:

As always, turn it up!


Your Kids Are Gonna Love It

Who remembers Punk Rock? Everybody does. At some point in the late 90’s or early 00’s, pop culture had become saturated by it. It’s broken into so many sub-genres now I can’t even keep in track. Even though it had origins from before I was born, the genre has a rich history that I appreciate.

Bands like The Ramones, Sex Pistols, and The Clash inspired an entire generation of kids with perhaps little to no musical talent to pick up some cheap guitars and play power chords as fast and as loud as they could. A generation of garage bands making lo-fi recordings on cassettes and giving the middle finger to all forms of authority. Just thinking about all those people making loud, abrasive music that their parents had no chance at understanding and dressing to stand out and be different at all costs gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.

Well, as always, the more things change, the more they stay the same. If you’re on the internet as much as I am, you may have heard of the fairly new musical genre of Dubstep. I could be way off, but I see a lot of similarities between Dubstep and Punk. Like Punk, it started in the U.K. (Just for the sake of my argument, you dig?) and has an extremely loud and distorted sound that older people will find grating to their ears. (I must confess, I’ve found many Dubstep tracks exhausting to listen to). But, I’m the curious type; with a little patience, I am beginning to see the appeal.

Just imagine a bunch of people with samplers, synthesizers and recording equipment making music out of their garages, living rooms and kitchens. It’s not so different than people with guitars, drums and amps and holding a mic up to a speaker. The only difference is that we live in the future now. Instead of passing out cassettes at back-yard concerts, anybody anywhere can put their music on the internet and be heard. Also, I’ve even found that a lot of Dubstep music has some very anti-establishment vibes to it.

I know I’m late to the party on the popularity of this music. However, Dubstep influence is starting to creep into pop music. Like Punk before it, some are claiming it’s already dead.

At any rate, I find the genre to be fascinating. A whole new generation of “garage bands” coming to life online. You may not like the sound of it and you may write it off as no talent garbage. But, I think there is something about it that appeals to people on a very instinctual, visceral level.

Like any good Punk song worth its salt, a Dubstep song feels like it kicks you in the gut repeatedly and then refuses to stop. Headphones or speakers with a good bass range recommended. And of course, louder is better.

The Speaker Tweakerz feat. T La Roc – Floor Damage by The Speaker Tweakerz

Be sure to check back often for more cool Dubstep tracks to jam out to and if you are really interested in this interesting genre of music, check out on iTunes under Electronica or come hang awhile at r/dubstep.