Casting Update: Half-Life: The Movie

Back in January, threeandahalfthumbs was first to report that comedian Louis C.K. had signed on to play crowbar-wielding theoretical physicist Gordon Freeman in Warner Brothers upcoming adaptation of the popular video game series Half-Life.

Four scripts and two directors later, Producer Michael Bay is only too happy to shine the spotlight back upon what he is calling a “cast for the ages.”

“We’ve just signed Rosie O’Donnell,” Bay said, outside the New York premier of Transformers 4: No Fear In Fourth Gear. “She’s Lamarr, Gordon’s sarcastic pet headcrab. She’s kind of a Robin to Gordon’s Batman. Their relationship really gives the film its narrative thrust.”

When asked if O’Donnell would be suiting up as the mutated pest or simply voicing it, Bay responded, “You’ll have to wait and see.”


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