You are with Beleaguered Castle: Source Code Review

A simple concept. Incredible acting. Minor special effects. Appropriate pacing. These are all things Duncan Jones does very, very well.

As was seen is his directorial debut, Moon, Jones has talent. This is no surprise; he is the son of David Bowie. He uses pace, atmosphere, and characters to bring stories to life that are poignant and interesting. He has a knack for getting the most out of his actors. As he did with Sam Rockwell, he also does with Jake Gyllenhaal. The roles are not largely heroic, or cowardly, they are normal men who are in complex situations where they end up being extraordinary.

Source Code is the story of Captain Colter Stevens and his mission to discover a bomb on a train in Chicago that has already gone off. He is part of a mysterious branch of the government that uses a program called Source Code which can use the synapses of a brain that has recently died to go back to the last eight minutes of that person’s life. While going back over and over again to the last minutes of Sean Fentress’, Captain Stevens meets and falls in love with Christina Warren (Michelle Monaghan). All the things that happen to the main character change his perspective as he tries to accomplish a nearly impossible mission.

This film is the perfect length. It doesn’t dilly dally with tons of special effects or a hyper-complex story that no one can follow. It tells the story of a man who is not familiar with his surroundings and he is still expected to save the world. He does not accept what is right in front of him, he becomes heroic.


One Comment on “You are with Beleaguered Castle: Source Code Review”

  1. Ben Wood says:

    I couldn’t agree with this review more, Jesse. Chalk this up as the first surprise movie of the year for me. Moon is a must own, but with Source Code, Jones shows an ability to improve in every directorial capacity.

    It felt as if Hitchcock was behind the camera for the first mistaken identity half of the film, and Rod Serling could’ve been doing a twilight zone summation over the second half. Win-win in my book!

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