Did you see Aaron Sorkin’s Oscar acceptance speech last night? Did you hear him mention Paddy Chayefsky and the movie, Network? I certainly did.

The thing is, I wrote this piece about a month or so after seeing The Social Network for the first time. In it I compare the two Network films to each other and Sorkin to Chayefsky and even mention that Sorkin should be nominated.

You see what I’m doing here, right? Yes. I’m gloating. I try to be a humble and modest person when I can, but in this instance, I was right on all accounts. I wasn’t just blowing hot air. I knew what I was talking about and I was right.

OK, I’m done being all self-congratulatory and patting myself on the back for noticing how two things are similar. You can stop groaning and rolling your eyes now and continue on with your life.

I told you so,



One Comment on “Vindication”

  1. Leanne says:

    I knew you would have SOMETHING to say about that.

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