Fyler Picks the Oscar Winners.

Best Picture: The Social Network

While a couple “experts” may predict The King’s Speech, I think the academy will vote with the modern. With previous winners being Crash (2006), The Departed (2008), The Hurt Locker (2009), I believe The Social Network is a good bet.

Best Director: David Fincher

As previously stated, the Academy can give some people a win when it feels like it is “time”. As with Scorsese, it is Fincher’s time. Dark horse may be Tom Hopper, but I doubt it.

Best Actor: Colin Firth

Guaranteed. Though my favorite role was Ernest, he will win for this. He is deserving and no one comes close to him this year.

Best Actress: Natalie Portman

As with Firth, no performance can touch Portman in Black Swan. She makes you forget about Amidala, Harvard, and V for Vendetta (thank God!). We only see her character and it is so intense and brutal you cannot turn away.

Supporting Actor: Christian Bale

While this would not be my vote, he will probably win. Bale is a great actor, this character is good. Maybe I am just tired of movies set in Boston, but I didn’t really like this movie. I was super excited to see this movie when I first heard about it, and was disappointed. Bale has a history of great characters, he will probably win.

Supporting Actress: Hailee Steinfeld

This is a heart prediction; it has been a while since the Academy has voted a young actress. The “smart” prediction would be Melissa Leo, but I say Steinfeld.

Screenplay: David Seidler

Since The King’s Speech won’t win director or picture, it will win original screenplay. Simple.

Adapted Screenplay: Aaron Sorkin

Sorkin was highly influential in the writing of the book, read the prologue. This is his cinematic baby, and everyone member of the Academy knows it. He will win.

Soundtrack: the social network

This is also a heart vote, this soundtrack is haunting, modern, simple, complex, and Trent Reznor is so modest. My vote.

Cinematography: Inception

When all of Hollywood is taking 3D like crack, Nolan makes the most visually sensational movie since The Matrix. I have seen a ton of 3D movies; the only two that nailed it were Avatar, which suffered from a terrible script and subpar acting, and Tron: Legacy which was a perfect film for its goal of being visually gorgeous and fun. Inception was cerebral and entertaining without 3D.

Sound: Inception

Look at the history of winners of sound, this is simple.

Animated: Toy Story 3

Pixar, enough said. It is one of the best Pixar movies yet, and it is the greatest third part since Return of the Jedi.

I would like to point a couple of things out. First, last year the Critics Choice Awards were almost 100% accurate. Second, with the exception of the supporting actress category, I happen to agree with the critics this year. Just saying.


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