Saturday Nostalgia Trip

Nothing beats sleeping in on a Saturday and then waking up to relax with some video games. In my youth, it was cereal and Mega Man games. Now it’s coffee and Mass Effect 2. Well, I still have cereal too.

I love starting my Saturdays watching  Screw Attack and AVGN. Today’s were especially fun as they were all about Mega Man and old-school Star Wars games.

The Screw Attack guys have no love for Mega Man 10’s Sheep Man. I found it to be a clever nod to Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? He even shoots electricity at you. Mega Man got literary and no one cared.

Top 10 Robot Masters

And of course, you gotta love The Nerd. Today he took on the early Star Wars games. Yes, I actually played these games. I always looked forward to those weekend trips up the street to the video store. Walking down the aisles trying to pick out a game based on how cool the cover looked. Of course, with Star Wars games, they were Star Wars. It didn’t matter what the cover looked like. That’s what I was picking out to rent.

Fair warning, The Nerd is as foul-mouthed and NSFW-Language as you can get. Also, he is a big fan of scatological humor. Don’t say I didn’t warn you:

Star Wars games








So, enjoy your Saturday, play some games with friends or loved ones.

Choose The Force



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