Unitology, Necromorphs and Zero-G Basketball

Dead Space is just one of those games that is just as fun every time you play it. Perfect atmosphere for its dark sci-fi/horror tale of religious zealotry breaking out among a mining population. These problems began to escalate when the crew of the planet-cracking starship found a mysterious “marker” on the planet below. The subversive cult saw the mysterious power of the marker as a sign from their god in their already established religious doctrine.

The first time you play the game, you’re just like: “Holy Sh–, thing just tried to eat my eyes out!” and “Sever the head! sever the head!” But then the second time it’s like: “Oh there are some crazy cult people on this ship…” Then, when you are sorely anticipating Dead Space 2 and you’re pretty sure you won’t have enough  money to buy it so you then decide to just play through the first one again. At last you see, “Oh. This is obviously a satire of Scientology,” and then of course, “If it’s so obvious, why didn’t I notice it the first two times?”

Like any good sci-fi series, the second book is all about bigger and better. So, I was very pleased to see this article. The irony of a new science-fiction series directly attacking and satirizing a real-life religion actually founded by a famous science-fiction author: priceless.




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