Nothing in Life That I Can’t Achieve

One of the Dubstep artists whose tracks I’ve consistently been impressed with is Bassnectar. A very apt name for this type of music. This song has a constant distorted bass sound that can feel like its wearing you down. In a good way. But it does give you a break or two throughout.

Sometimes I think Dubstep tracks have a “droning” problem and have too little tension and release. With Soundcloud tracks you can actually see what I’m talking about. A waveform that looks like just one big block of sound makes for an uninteresting song, in my opinion. Now, I realize this is dance and club music, but I think a good song needs to go somewhere and I also think this can be done in any genre of music. That is, if the goal is to make a song in the first place. (Ambient music is ambient on purpose).

If you don’t know what I mean, just listen for the rises and falls in this cool Bassnectar track:

Also, check out this cool remix of the same track. It’s destined to blow somebody’s speakers or wake up neighbors as it blares from cars with nice bass rigs:

As always, turn it up!



2 Comments on “Nothing in Life That I Can’t Achieve”

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  2. jak says:

    DAAAAMMMMNNNN ! fool, this is T.I.G.H.T Tight!, niceee stuff for my brain waves…My brain waves , hello!

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