Top 5 Songs by The New Pornographers

I spent the months of November and December with nothing but albums by The New Pornographers playing in my car. It seriously got to a point where it didn’t feel right hearing something other than this fantastic band coming out of my car speakers.

It took me awhile to warm up to this band. They were pretty different from most of the stuff I listen to. But, like truly great music, it grows on you and then sticks with you. Now I see the creation of new pop/rock music a fruitless endeavor, as it is now obviously perfected.

Also, I can’t resist the great irony of the band’s name. Their music is always pleasant, positive and sometimes even beautiful. I rarely know what they are singing about but their lyrics are packed to the brim with great rhymes and alliteration and fantastic word use.

On a personal level, I was listening to this music while some really cool things were happening in my life and helped get me through a somewhat stressful holiday season. So, here are 5 songs by The New Pornographers that stand out as some of my favorites:

1. “Jackie, Dressed in Cobras” from Twin Cinema (Some excellent drumming in this song. Hard for me to ignore).

2. “My Rights Versus Yours” from Challengers (Warning: This song can and will get stuck in your head for days).

3. “Adventures in Solitude” from Challengers (Turn up both the bass and volume on your headphones or car stereo. Just trust me on this, OK?).

4. “Crash Years” from Together (The word catchy doesn’t even do this song justice. The whistling; you’ll start to wonder if it will ever your leave your head).

5. “Up in the Dark” from Together (Remember what I said about #3? Same instructions, only louder. This song has weird mystical powers at super high volumes).

If you enjoyed these songs even a little, be sure to buy some of their albums or songs!



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