Top 5 Albums of 2010

part 2 of 3

5. The Drums – The Drums

Out of Brooklyn comes my favorite new band of 2010. The Drums are upbeat and lively, this album was perfect summer fun. With key tracks such as “Let’s Go Surfing” and “I Need Fun in My Life” you get a sense of joy, as opposed so many of depressing songs coming out of the independent arena. This band has fun and they write fun and they make you feel fun. Catchy, musical, and awesome!

Listen to: “Let’s Go Surfing”, “I Need Fun in My Life”, “Me and the Moon”

4. The Social Network Soundtrack – Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross

With The Social Network being my favorite film of the year, it is no surprise I also loved the soundtrack. It is amazing because Trent Reznor has no history or credentials when it comes to film scores, and yet he blows me away. This soundtrack is simple while being highly complex at the same time. It flows so perfectly in and out of consciences thought, you feel like you are in a dorm room creating Facebook, you feel as though you speaking to attorneys, and you feel as though you have betrayed your best friend. Music is perhaps more connected to feeling then pictures, at least in this case I listen and I am transported to the environment of the film. I also feel is prophesizes the future and it has a post-modern quality that lets us know Facebook will always be around.

Listen to: “In Motion”, “Penetration”, “Magnetic”  

3. The Age of Adz – Sufjan Stevens

Stevens’ first linear thought since Illinois, this was a return to songwriting and less experimental then his previous two releases. Like The Suburbs, it is mature and it is impressive to see where Sufjan Stevens has come to, with haunting vocals, simple melodies, complex chords. You need to listen more then once to actually understand that this album is his best yet, maybe not your favorite, but from beginning to end, his most complete.

Listen to: “Futile Devices”, “Now That I’m Older”, “Impossible Soul”

2. The Suburbs – Arcade Fire

After 2005 there was a very high expectation for this little band from Canada, and I am one of the many who was sadly disappointed with their sophomore effort, Neon Bible. I was skeptical when listening to The Suburbs and it surpassed my concerns and came to be my favorite Arcade Fire album thus far. It is mature in its mixing and writing and epic in its vocals and production; you scream and hum in the same sitting. Like a blast to the ears, this album was an instant hit in my car and on my stereo.

Listen to: “City with No Children”, “We Used to Wait”, “Sprawl II”

 1. The Wild Hunt – The Tallest Man on Earth

The Swedish folkster, Kristian Matsson, has come to write, perform, and record like the great folk heroes of the 1960s. This is one of the few albums this year that I listened to all the way through over and over again. What is it about European folk pop that makes it so much better? I really want to know, but Matsson is the best for right now. Other then Dylan and Bazan, I do not know of a more relevant folk writer for his time. His screeching vocals and his absolute soul is what brings you to believe this guy could actually break your heart with his music. A perfect album in all regards.

Listen to: “You’re Going Back”, “King of Spain”, “Love Is All”


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